Consultancy, Research & Valuations Department

The appraisers of Frisia Makelaars work according to a format developed by Dynamis. This valuation format complies with various national and international guidelines. Depending on the assignment and the client, valuation guidelines such as:

  • Royal Insitution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (AIFMD)
  • Vastgoedcert
  • Platform Taxateurs en Accuntants (PTA)
  • Taxatierichtlijn Commercieel Vastgoed (TCV/TMI)
  • ROZ-IPD Vastgoedindexrichtlijnen
  • Aedex/IPD Corporatie Vastgoedindexrichtlijnen
  • International Financial Report Standards (voorheen IAS)
  • Richtlijnen voor de Jaarverslaggeving (RJ)
  • European Valuation Standards (EVS)
  • International Valuation Standards (IVS)

The uniform way of valuation of Dynamis is also important for other advisors of the clients such as accountants, lawyers, notaries and other stakeholders such as tax inspectors and banks. Frisia Makelaars can be called in for an extensive appraisal report on behalf of for example:

  • purchase and sales decisions
  • purchase and rental decisions
  • merger discussions
  • financing under mortgage
  • project development
  • ROZ/IPD real estate index
  • annual accounts
  • Aedex/IPD Corporations Real Estate Index
  • amicable valuations with the tax authorities
  • arbitration, such as rent disputes
  • land value determination, e.g. on behalf of emphyteusis
  • contra-expertise
  • WOZ disputes
  • expropriation cases

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