Certifications & Memberships

The Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents NVM is the largest trade organization in the Netherlands in real estate. The Dynamis brokers are members of NVM. They act according to the three core values of NVM: expertise, reliability, and security.


  • An NVM estate agent is well trained and keeps his knowledge up to date.
  • Employees are also well trained and certified to expect the quality to which they are entitled.
  • The NVM real estate agent knows the market well.
  • An NVM real estate agent advises on all aspects of buying and selling. He has architectural insight and is aware of the legal ins and outs.
  • An NVM agent has access to an enormous NVM database with information, which allows him to give excellent advice and substantiate his claims.
  • Trustworthiness
  • An NVM real estate agent behaves by the NVM Code of Honour. He does not act for two clients with conflicting interests.
  • An NVM property agent promotes his client's interests and is not dependent on a particular bank or insurance company.
  • Security
  • An NVM property agent is compulsorily insured against professional liability, which means he does not run any financial risks.
  • For any complaints about and disputes with your NVM Estate Agent, you can contact the NVM Consumer Information Department and, if necessary, appeal to the NVM Disputes Committee and the independent Disciplinary Tribunal.
  • You can take out an NVM House Guarantee with many NVM brokers, covering you for any hidden defects in your home.

The RICS regulates Dynamis. This certificate guarantees that Dynamis adheres to the strict code of conduct of the RICS and strives for the highest professional and ethical standards. RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is one of the leading regulatory bodies in the world, which expresses its opinion independently and in the general interest of the entire real estate sector. From its foundation, quality and integrity are central, from which standards thus derive, and the provision of advice and the conduct of arbitration proceedings. Besides Dynamis, RICS regulates more than 170 companies worldwide. Worldwide, RICS has more than 150,000 members, of which 650 are in the Netherlands.

VastgoedCert has over 6,500 certified brokers and appraisers. These brokers and appraisers are certified by a Certifying Body (KEMA) based on the requirements set by VastgoedCert. These requirements can be found in the certification scheme. To join one or more Chambers of VastgoedCert, a broker or appraiser must demonstrate that they meet all the professional competence requirements for that Chamber.

The following employees of Frisia Makelaars are certified at Stichting VastgoedCert:

  • Mr. M. Jager
  • Mr. C.P.A. Kimmel
  • Mr. P.H. Offringa MRE
  • Mr. M.P. van Rijswijk

More than 100 brokers and valuers of Dynamis are registered with the Nederlandse Register Vastgoed Taxateurs (NRVT). The NRVT is the central register of qualified property valuers and monitors, guarantees, and promotes the independence, integrity, and quality of the Register-Taxateur and serves the public interest of property valuations.

More than 6,600 appraisers are registered with the NRVT. The NRVT has its disciplinary system, which provides consistent, transparent, and independent disciplinary proceedings for all registered valuers.

The registered chartered surveyors work by the NRVT's recognized rules of conduct and profession and the international EVS/IVS guidelines. They also work by the regulations of the chambers (Commercial Real Estate, Rural, and Arboricultural Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, and Valuation of Immovable Property). Each Chamber is responsible for elaborating the general rules for its sub-area. The Register-Taxateur is also subject to the NRVT's central disciplinary regulations.

The following colleagues are registered in the register:

  • Mr. M. Jager
  • Mr. C.P.A. Kimmel
  • Mr. P.H. Offringa MRE
  • Mr. M.P. van Rijswijk

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