Partner in Dynamis

The stength of Dynamis

Dynamis knows what is going on in all markets, in all segments and up to the local level. The partners in Dynamis are real local knowledge partners: actively involved in the environment where they live and work. Frisia Makelaars is partner in Dynamis together with 12 other regional real estate offices.

  • Together active on the market since 1993
  • Combined local, regional and national knowledge, experience and network with national coverage and coordination with approximately 40 regional branches
  • Knowledge institute in all real estate areas and segments at local, regional and national level

    The strength of Dynamis
    Dynamis has been successful in the property market for almost 25 years. We are structurally high in all real estate lists, often in the top 5. Due to our local involvement, we are number 1 on the list of 'small (read: local) rentals' far above the rest.

    Local heroes: well-known in the neighbourhood
    Ask people to name a real estate agency in their own neighbourhood, and chances are that they will mention a Dynamis partner. If you ask someone in Zaandam, then Kuijs Reinder Kakes will quickly come to mind. Ask someone in Enschede? Snelder Zijlstra. And in Limburg: Boek and Offermans. All partners of Dynamis have earned their spurs. The brokers and staff know their clients and the region through and through.

    Reliable, sincere, excellent market knowledge, completely carefree
    It was no coincidence that these offices became part of Dynamis. We seek national coverage with great regional and local involvement. The overarching values of our partners: reliable, sincere, excellent market knowledge, fully relieving the client.

    Of course our clients are the first to benefit from this. Whether you as a private individual buying a house locally through our partner, or as an investor doing business with us nationwide: you can rely on our expertise and values.

    What does Dynamis do as head office for the local offices?

    • We facilitate our regional partners in terms of research, knowledge sharing and national brand awareness. Our regional partners work and live in their own market area and therefore know the region like no other. They serve private and corporate clients on the basis of their own expertise in all sorts of real estate areas. We support them.
    • In addition, we relieve our national clients of all their real estate concerns.

    The strength of our national full-service organisation combined with the local and regional expertise of our partners in all real estate areas; that is Dynamis.

    Dynamis is the only player on the Dutch property market that operates locally, regionally and nationally.

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