Company code and complaints procedure

Company code

An honest entrepreneur does what he says and says what he does.

Integrity has a structural place within Frisia Makelaars and Dynamis. The reason for this is both intrinsic and external. Memberships of the RICS, NVM, and VastgoedCert impose a high standard of integrity. In addition, Dynamis Vastgoedconsultants en Makelaars' Code of Conduct provides our staff and clients with a clear overview of the obligations and responsibilities. Our Code of Conduct describes how we deal with integrity, how we do business, and how we comply with the code.

View Dynamis' Code of Conduct here.

Complaint procedure

Frisia Makelaars takes a proactive attitude towards customer satisfaction. Therefore, our complaints procedure has been established and explains how customers can submit a complaint to us. The complaints procedure has three steps.

Step 1

This step allows Frisia Makelaars to handle your complaint. Frisia Makelaars will try to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction. If you have spoken to us about your complaint, we will ask you to put the information about the protest on paper. We invite you to do this to get a good picture of your complaint. Then, you can send the written complaint to:

Frisia Makelaars B.V.
Attn. C. van Straaten - van Aken
Javastraat 1A
2585 AA The Hague
Phone: 070 – 3420101

We will handle your complaint as soon as possible. Within seven days, you will receive a message from us that we have received your complaint. Within 28 days, you will receive a response to your complaint. Suppose we can't provide an answer to your complaint within 28 days. In that case, you will receive a message within this period specifying why we are not yet able to provide a response and a forecast of when we will be able to do so.

If you are not satisfied with the solution we provide, you can proceed to step two.

Step 2

Frisia Makelaars is partner in Dynamis. If you are not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, you can report this to:
Dynamis B.V.
Orteliuslaan 5
3528 BA Utrecht
Tel: 030-7670390

Step 3

You can opt for a second opinion by an independent party. In the Netherlands this is:

Raad van Arbitrage voor de Bouw (RvA)
PO Box 19290
3501 DG Utrecht
Tel: 030-2343222
Fax: 030-2300125

Because Dynamis is 'Regulated by RICS,' you can address questions about our complaints procedure to:
RICS Europe
Rue Ducale 67
B-1000 Brussels
Tel: 0032-2-7331019
Fax: 0032-2-7429748

NVM Complaints Procedure

NVM holds the view that a broker should, in the first instance, be allowed to resolve complaints about him or his office himself. Therefore, in handling complaints, Frisia Makelaars, the broker, is your first point of contact. However, should you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with appropriately, you can turn to NVM, which has its own complaints procedure.

NRVT Disciplinary Rules

Its Articles of Association and Regulations govern the NRVT. A property appraiser registered in the NRVT register must comply with these. This also applies to disciplinary proceedings, which means that he or she may be called to account individually before the centrally organized and independently operating disciplinary court, the NRVT Disciplinary Foundation (STNRVT), for his or her acts or omissions in violation of the General Rules of Conduct and the Professional Code and/or other regulations of the NVRT. The STNRVT is independent of the NRVT and has its board of directors, articles of association, and regulations.

Interested parties, clients of NRVT may submit complaints. Complaints must be submitted to the complaints desk of the STNRVT. An independent disciplinary body will then deal with the complaint.

You can submit a complaint to the STNRVT complaints office via:

Postal address:
NRVT Disciplinary Foundation
P.O. Box 4136

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