Jutland 5 - Anoniem

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Jutland 5 - Anoniem

Dear reader, please allow me to write these words in English. As an "Expat", I was looking for a real estate agent who speaks EN and NL fluently, and that is surly the case for Edwin Rosenbrand! The makelaar of our choice can be characterized by a profound knowledge of the housing market and by his diligence to learn the particularities of your individual property. He guides through the whole process in a focused and calm way, even if the situation is as such quite challenging for the involved parties. Questions are resolved in an emphatic way and always with the interest of both parties in mind. Don`t expect a poker mentality. Edwin assesses the value of an object based on reality and prefers to put a reasonale asking price. Edwin is backed up by a fantastic back office team (I remember Boukje van der Steen), assuring that appointments are agreed well in advance. It goes without saying that Edwin was always punctual! I have only bought and sold a house once. Honestly, I cannot imaging how any realtor could be any better than Edwin Rosenbrand. All the best for all your upcoming projects.

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